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So what can you do with Scryber and PDF documents.

PDF has always been the 'do I have to?' part of web application development.
Designers and developers work happily in HTML, CSS and server side code, but creating a dynamic PDF document. Nobody likes to write that code. It is complex, exhaustive and very inflexible.

We hope that Scryber has not just changed that, but revolutionised it.

And now, because creating PDF's is so easy, you will quickly be able to produce all the brochures and reports you need in a solid and persistent medium. As the web becomes more interactive and dynamic book marking a link is no longer the same. Printing the page is not an option as the capabilities for control of output along with the environmental impact are real negatives.

Core open source library

At the heart of Scryber is the core set of libraries.
These libraries are open source under the LGBL license. Because of this you can use scryber in any of your open source OR commercial projects.

No cost, no limits, just link and use. We want you to get the best out of it.

Extensible architecture

One of the main features of scryber is its extensibility.
It was designed from the ground up to allow other developers to create their own components and simply and quickly include them in the output.

No other PDF generator can come close to this for ease of use and power to do.

Beautiful output without effort

By using a markup file with full code support Scryber is quick to build.
By using a style based architecture Scryber is quick to design.
By supporting full code generation and data binding Scryber can build complex structures without reams of code and nested constructs.

This is groundbreaking simplicity for PDF generation

Features for designers and developers

Features for designers and developers

It's just about being easy to do great things. Scryber is game changing for PDF generation from any Windows Forms application or ASP.NET website.

Site wide styling references.
PDF's that match your designs.Available now
Embedding non-standard fonts.*Available now
Embedding images in JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, etc.*Available now
Repeating images for backgrounds and fills (including text).Available now
Full colour support for fills, strokes, borders.Available now
Data binding and template generation from XML data files.Available now
Explicit, block and inline layouts.Available now
Column layout with alleys and margins.Available now
Tables, rows and cells with row and columns spans.Available now
Text wrapping and page overflow.Available now
Complex path definition and SVG importPlanned feature release
RTF import.Planned feature release
User form filling and postbackPlanned feature release
* requires full trust for system fonts and non JPEG images
Features for site owners

Features for site owners

We are sure that you can think of many ways you can use PDF in your business. But here are some we came up with, just for fun. How much could PDF add to the value of your site?

Dynamic product specifications.
PDF's that match your branding.Available now
Attach PDF's to Emails.Available now
Dynamic invoices for online purchases.Available now
Formal quotes with terms and conditions.Available now
Fill in and send back forms.Planned feature release
Encrypt data and send securely across the internet.Planned feature release
Digitally sign documents and return the signed document.Planned feature release

Tell us how you are using it

We would love to know how you are using Scryber in your business. Just fill in the form here and let us know.