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Border Style Item

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Scryber.Styles.PDFBorderStyle : PDFStrokeStyle

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Defines the border around a block component. The class inherits from PDFStrokeStyle but defines 2 new properties for the corner radius and sides enumeration.

If a corner radius is specified then only the joining sides will have an arc. The other sides will be end at the bottom of the border.

Value Type Description
CornerRadius (@corner-radius) PDFUnit Specifies the arc radius for the meeting point of a border on a rectangle. If specified each drawn side will meet in a quadrant with the specified radius. This does not affect and margins or padding which are independent of this value
Sides (@sides) Sides enumeration Specifies the sides of the border that should be shown. Can be combined in any order by separating with a space - e.g Top Bottom, or Left Bottom Top.
LineStyle (@style) LineStyle enumeration Inherited from PDFStrokeStyle.
Color (@color) PDFColor Inherited from PDFStrokeStyle.
Width (@width) PDFUnit Inherited from PDFStrokeStyle.
Dash (@dash) PDFDash Inherited from PDFStrokeStyle.
LineCap (@ending) LineCaps Inherited from PDFStrokeStyle.
LineJoin (@join) LineJoin Inherited from PDFStrokeStyle.
Mitre (@mitre) float Inherited from PDFStrokeStyle.
Opacity (@opacity) float Inherited from PDFStrokeStyle.

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