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Font Style Item

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Sctyber.Styles.PDFFontStyle : PDFStyleItem


Defines the characteristics of the current font used for rendering and measuring text. As this style item is inherited all inner text components will use the font and style specified unless they have their own values. The font styles of bold and italic are independent and can be applied and removed as required (in contrast to the B and I components which must retain the XML structure integrity).
All fonts specified (including bold / italic variants) must be available to scryber so that they can be used.
Scryber can only support TrueType (OpenType) fonts, not postscript fonts or bitmap fonts.

Value Type Description
FontFamily (@family) string The name of a font family to be used. The font must reside in the available fonts, be explicitly specified in the configuration, or have a fallback font in place. If no font family can be found then it is an error.
FontBold (@bold) Boolean True if the bold variant of this font family should be used, again it is an error if this variant is not available.
FontItalic (@italic) Boolean True if the italic (oblique) variant of this font family should be used, again it is an error if the specified variant is not available.
FontSize (@size) PDFUnit The size of the font to use in device independent units.

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