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List Style Item

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Scryber.Styles.PDFListStyle : PSDStyleItem

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Thelist style defines the attributes that govern how lists and list items are arranged, counted, and displayed within a page or block

Value Type Description
NumberingStyle(@number-style) None | Decimals | UppercaseRoman | LowercaseRoman | UppercaseLetters | LowercaseLetters | Bullet | Labels The numbering styles for each of the items in the list. Can be applied to ordered, unordered and definition lists.
NumberingGroup (@number-group) String The name of a numbering group this list belongs to
The numbering of groups is remembered across the document. Lists in the same group will continue the numbering from when they last left off.
NumberInset(@number-inset) Unit Insets the content of the list item by the specified amount, giving more space to the number item on the left.
NumberPrefix(@number-prefix) String A string value that will be pre-pended to the number for each of the items in the list
NumberPostfix(@number-postfix) String A string value that will be appended to the number for each of the items in the list
NumberAlignment(@number-alignment) Left | Right | Center The horizontal alignment of the number block in the list items.
ConcatenateWithParent(@number-concat) Boolean If true then the numbers in an inner list will be concatenated with the number values in any outer list. All prefix and postfix values will be also honoured.
ItemLabel(@item-label) String For list items, this is the label that will be shown against this item (only if the list style is Labels).

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