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Overflow Style Item


Scryber.Styles.PDFOverflowStyle : PDFStyleItem


Defines the options for how a page or component overflows. By default components do not overflow. Content is simply rendered and continues to render even beyond the bounds of it’s container. When this is the edge of the page then the PDF reader will constrain the visible region. The overflow style allows the adjustment of how content is handled when the boundaries of its container are hit.

NOTE: During Beta release there is a known issue that behaviour may not be as expected.

Value Type Description
Action (@action) OverflowAction enumeration Specifies what should happen when the boundaries of the container are met. There are 3 options
  • None - No action will be taken and layout will simply continue. This is the default.
  • Truncate - No new components will be laid-out once the boundaries are hit - if a component crosses a boundary it will not be shown.
  • NewPage - Overflow will be propogated onto a new page. replicating an instance of all the containers in the hierarchy down to the current container.
Split (@split) OverflowSplit Specifies how components will be split when overflowing onto pages. There are 2 options.
  • Any - can split on any inner content so contained text will render on multiple pages.
  • Never - the component will never be split. So it will always be together on the same page.

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Never mind, it works like this:
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Is there any code example available?
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