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Page Style Item

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Scryber.Styles.PDFPageStyle : PDFStyleItem

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The page style defines the options for the layout and numbering of a document page. This also applies to section pages, and all pages within a section must have the same layout.
The size of the page can either be specified explicitly or as a standard paper size.
The numbering options display on the readers page list panel, but are also used by the PageNumber and PageOf components for consistency across the document.

Value Type Description
PaperSize (@size) PaperSize enumeration The size of the page in a standard paper size. The ISO 216 (A, B and C) and American sizes (Quarto, Letter). If a width and height are also specified these will be used as precedence over the paper size value.
PaperOrientation (@orientation) PaperOrientation enumeration The orientation of the paper. This only has effect if a standard paper size is used. The width and height values will take precedence.
Width (@width) PDFUnit The width of the required page. Will only be used if height is also specified.
Height (@height) PDFUnit The height of the required page. Will only be used if the width is also specified.
NumberStyle (@number-style) PageNumberStyle enumeration The sequential numbering style to be applied to the page. Can be one of the following values.
  • None - no numbering style
  • Decimals - 1,2,3,4....
  • UppercaseRoman - I, II, III, IV....
  • LowercaseRoman - i, ii, iii, iv.....
  • UppercaseLetters - A,B,C,D....
  • LowercaseLetters - a,b,c,d....
The default style is decimals
NumberPrefix (@number-prefix) string A prefix for the page number e.g. 'Appendix ' so the UppercaseRoman page numbers will be 'Appendix A', 'Appendix B' etc. Default is an empty string.
NumberStartIndex (@start-number-index) Integer The first number of the page this numbering scheme applies to. Default is 1, and the value will be interpreted in its number style.

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Steve Alexander
Typo: "@start-number-index" should be "@number-start-index"
Posted At 14-09-2016 10:01:14

Steve Alexander
Typo: "@start-number-index" should be "@number-start-index"
Posted At 14-09-2016 09:59:30