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Stroke Style Item

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Scryber.Styles.PDFStrokeStyle : PSDStyleItem


The stroke defines the path appearance around both textual and graphic components.
As the style is inherited, all child components will also have this stroke applied.
When the stroke is laid out a Scryber.Drawing.PDFPen is generated by the style item that will then generate the appropriate instructions on the output document.

Value Type Description
LineStyle (@style) LineStyle enumeration The options for how the line will be rendered. Supported values are:
  • None - No stroke will be applied (overrides any other setting).
  • Solid - A single continuous line of one color.
  • Dash - A pattern of dashes and spaces following the route of the path.
Color (@color) PDFColor The color of the stroke.
Width (@width) PDFUnit The width of the stroke in device independent units.
Opacity float The opacity of the stroke where 0 is completely transparent and 1 is opaque.
Dash (@dash) PDFDash The dash pattern to use when rendering the stroke. Default is PDFDash.None which is a solid line. So even if the LineStyle is set to Dash, there must be an explicit pattern also set. The PDFDash is converted from a string in the XML by the parser. The format of the dash is as per the PDFSpecification and should be [n1,n2,n3...] p where n's are the pattern - a positive integer that can appear one or more times, and p is the optional phase value.
LineCap (@ending) LineCaps enumeration Defines how the end of a line will be drawn. Supported values are:
  • Butt - a square ending that stops at the defined end of the line.
  • Rounded - a semi-circle of half line width radius that extends beyond the end of the line.
  • Projecting - a square ending that extends the half line width beyond the end of the line.
LineJoin (@join) LineJoin enumeration Defines how the vertex of 2 lines will appear. Supported values are:
  • Mitre - The lines will extend on the outer edges until they cross and become a point.
  • Round - An arc will be rendered starting at the angle of the first line, and ending at the angle of the second line.
  • Bevel - The two lines will be joined by a straight edge from the 2 outside edges.
MitreLimit (@mitre) float When a line join is set to Mitre and the change in angle of the lines is small the extension of the outside edges can get very large. To stop this a MitreLimit can be specified. Beyond this a Bevel join will be used.

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