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Text Style Item

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Scryber.Styles.PDFTextStyle : PDFStyleItem


The text style defines how text characters should be positioned. The values are specific to text, but as the style is inherited, it can be applied to containers and have an impact on the child text components within.

Value Type Description
FirstLineInset (@first-indent) PDFUnit The inset of the first line of a paragraph or block of text, compared to the rest of the flowing lines.
WrapText (@wrap) WordWrap enumeration. Specifies how a run of characters should wrap over multiple lines and where the soft line breaks should be. Supported values are:
  • Auto - This is the default value, and will normally resolve to Word breaking, except for very long words which may break within.
  • Word - Will only break a line along the end of word boundaries.
  • Character - The line will break on any character
  • NoWrap - The text will not wrap at all and no soft line breaks will be created.
Leading (@leading) PDFUnit The distance between the base lines of 2 lines of text. The leading will normally be as per specified in the font file (+10% - +15% of the font size). Altering this value will explicitly change the distance between the base lines.

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