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VSIX Deployment and Nuget Package

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Scryber is now available as a NuGet package and a VSIX extension for all users of .NET 4.0+ so it can easily be downloaded and managed in your solutions

Installing the VSIX

The simplest way of getting hold of scryber and using it in your projects is to install the vsix file, from within visual studio.

From the tools menu go to 'Extensions and updates' and search in the online category for Scryber. Once found simply install and everything will be added.

NOTE: After installing the extension you may need to restart Visual Studio in order to see the new item templates available below.

Adding a new document or other item

With everything installed it is simple to add scryber pdf documents (or pages, sections, etc.). Just choose 'Add new Item...' for your project and a new 'Scryber' section will be available with all the items.

Change the name to anything you require, and then click 'Add'

What gets added

If this is the first time you have added a Scryber template to the project Visual Studio will automatically add the necessary reference to the Scryber NuGet package, add the item to your project, and then open it for editing

  • The 7 dlls will be added as references within your project
    • Scryber.Common.dll
    • Scryber.Components.dll
    • Scryber.Configuration.dll
    • Scryber.Drawing.dll
    • Scryber.Generation.dll
    • Scryber.OpenType.dll
    • Scryber.Styles.dll
  • The 5 Xml Schema files within the folder Schemas/Scryber
    • Scryber.Components.v0.8.xsd
    • Scryber.Data.v0.8.xsd
    • Scryber.Styles.v0.8.xsd
    • Scryber.Types.v0.8.xsd
    • Scryber.v0.8.xsd
  • A merged configuration file to support scryber, with the following sections added
    • scryber/tracing section for either diagnostic or web tracing output
    • scryber/fonts section to support system font inclusion and font substitution
    • scryber/generation section for xml parsing support

Each of the pdfx document templates includes a comment at the end of the file with language specific example code for generating the document, just for assistance. Feel free to delete.

NOTE: If you have more than one project referencing the scryber package, then the XML schemas will be included twice. Visual Studio does not like this and will stop giving intellisense.
Don't worry, just delete the schemas from one of the projects, and it will comeback.

Directly downloading

If you want to directly download then the links are as follows

Visual Studio vsix
NuGet Package (does not include the item templates)

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thenks the download link worked.
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thanks i installed the Visx
Posted At 17-08-2019 14:52:43

thanks i installed the Vsix, successfully
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